National Clearing System (NCS)

Published: 1/2/2015 Modified: 1/1/2023

Following the introduction of the euro as the national currency in the Republic of Croatia on 1 January 2023, the National Clearing System (NCS) ceased to operate. Annual statistical data related to NCS were last published for 2022.

The statistical data which refer to the NCS represent a structured presentation of the value, number, average values and average number of payment transactions at the level of the payment system for an annual and semi-annual period (total values and values by NCS clearing cycles), as well as the aggregate presentation of the credit institutions' concentration ratio (five banks) with the largest share in the total value and the total number of payment transactions in the payment system.

The Financial Agency (FINA) is the only source of data for statistical reviews that refer to the NCS.

Payment transaction statistics in the NCS at a total annual level, showing the time series that covers the last five years.