Published: 1/2/2015 Modified: 26/10/2023

The fundamental organisational structure of the Croatian National Bank (CNB) consists of areas and offices as independent organisational units, within which business processes are organised in such a manner that they form a single business unit.

Depending on the complexity and diversity of business processes and the number of executors in the specific segments of business processes, areas and offices, as CNB’s independent organisational units, can be organised in subordinate organisational units: departments and divisions.

An overview of the business segments by organisational units is provided below.

The Research Area performs the tasks of the analysis of the transmission mechanism of monetary policy, the analysis of risks to financial stability and the formulation of macroprudential policy and the tasks of economic research and the preparation of macroeconomic analyses.

The Statistics Area gathers and processes data from the statistical reporting entities of the Bank, compiles and publishes statistical indicators and reports, prepares the analyses and releases for the purposes of domestic and international users, develops statistical methodologies and provides support in developing information systems and the drafting of regulations relating to the official statistics falling under the competence of the Bank.

The Central Banking Operations Area implements the monetary policy and manages the international reserves and foreign exchange liquidity.

The Prudential Regulation and Methodology Area performs the tasks of the preparation of proposals, the monitoring and issuance of opinions and information on the implementation of prudential regulations and crisis management, the supervision of advanced measurement approaches and models and the receiving of prudential reports and prepares system analyses.

The Prudential Supervision Area performs the tasks of exercising supervision of credit institutions and the oversight of credit unions, the licensing of credit institutions and credit unions and exercises the oversight of own funds maintenance for payment institutions and electronic money institutions.

The Expert Supervision and Oversight Area oversees anti-money laundering and countering of the financing of terrorism in connection with entities subject to the Act on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, the implementation of which is overseen by the CNB. It also supervises information systems of credit institutions and oversees information systems of credit unions, electronic money institutions, payment institutions and payment systems.

The Payment Operations Area performs tasks regulating and improving payment operations and ensuring their smooth functioning, thus enabling the safe and efficient functioning of payment operations and payment systems.

The Currency Area ensures sufficient quantities of currency for the needs of credit institutions and the public in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and manages its logistic reserves, processes and destroys currency. The Currency Area plans the necessary quantities of euro banknotes and euro coins in cooperation with the European Central Bank and the European Commission. It collects and analyses data on currency, prepares regulatory bylaws related to currency and carries out the control of entities subject to the application of these bylaws. It also regulates and manages currency supply and performs the tasks of the National Counterfeit Centre, the National Analysis and Coin National Analysis Centre. The Area develops and improves business processes and work technology in relation to the operational functioning of currency operations, cooperates with other central banks and participates in the work of the bodies of the European Central Bank and the European Commission in the currency area.

The International and European Relations Area is responsible for the tasks of European and international relations, in particular of relations with international financial institutions. The Area performs the tasks related to activities and policies of European Union (EU) institutions and the relevant government administration bodies, including the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Croatia to the EU in Brussels, as well as tasks related to activities and policies of international financial institutions, including within the Office of the Executive Director for the Dutch-Belgian Constituency with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the coordination of technical cooperation activities.

The Controlling, Finance and Accounting Area implements a management-oriented controlling concept, which includes strategic and operational controlling, performs the accounting tasks of compiling, control and processing of data on funds, sources of financing, revenues and expenditures of the Croatian National Bank, prepares the financial statements in line with legal regulations in order to provide support to business decision-making and management and to other end users.

The Information Technology Area develops the information system, cooperates with other organisational units in preparing user requests and the analysis of the business needs of business functions, performs the tasks of designing and programming of applications with the application of ISO quality standards, manages the network and operating systems, provides timely user support, ensures the protection and safety of the information system and manages databases, reporting systems and documents, cooperates with institutions in the Republic of Croatia and the EU with regard to the development and improvement of the Bank’s IS.

The Support Services Area is responsible for human resources management, technical and general services, procurement and business protocol.

The Communications Area performs the tasks of external, internal and digital communication, the tasks of preparing, editing and publishing of publications, proofreading and translation and information and documentation tasks.

The Legal Area provides legal assistance to the Bank's management and other organisational units.

The Office of the Governor provides support to holding sessions of the Council of the Croatian National Bank and expert business support to the Governor and Deputy Governor.

The Internal Audit Office performs an ongoing and thorough supervision of Bank operations through assurance audits, inspections and advisory engagements. It supports the Bank in achieving its objectives by bringing a systematic approach to assessing and enhancing the efficiency of the Bank’s risk management, the adequacy and efficiency of the existing systems of internal control and management processes in the Bank.
The Internal Audit Office is responsible for carrying out the tasks set out in the Audit Charter for the Eurosystem/ESCB and the Single Supervisory Mechanism by participating in the work of the International Auditors Committee and by carrying out joint audit engagements of the Eurosystem/ESCB and SSM functions.

The Security Office manages the Bank's security system and defines the methods and techniques to improve the Bank's security system.

The Consumer Protection Monitoring Office protects the rights of consumers using the financial and banking services of credit institutions, credit unions and credit intermediaries in consumer housing loans within its competence under law.

The Credit Institutions Resolution Office prepares and regularly updates resolution plans for all credit institutions that operate with head offices in the Republic of Croatia.

The Foreign Exchange Regulation Office drafts foreign exchange regulations and performs the tasks of licensing of authorised exchange offices.

The Succession Issues Coordination Office participates in the distribution of assets and liabilities of the former SFRY in accordance with Annex C of the Agreement on Succession Issues.

The Office for Coordination of Prudential Supervision, Oversight and Risk Management Activities coordinates cross-sectoral activities of the supervision and the horizontal functional units, develops supervisory and oversight methodologies, and provides support to the implementation and integration of regulations into supervisory processes in line with European supervisory practice in order to ensure the quality, enable the optimal process of regular supervisory decision-making and the smooth transition into the close cooperation mechanism.

The Compliance Office is responsible for promoting ethical behaviour of employees, providing education, advice, opinions, instructions and recommendations, prepares the policies and procedures governing Bank's ethical values, monitors the implementation of the Code of Ethics and identifies, assesses and monitors the risks related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism at the level of the Bank.

The Visitors’ Centre is the central bank’s education and information centre, which in the framework of its programmes enables the public to acquire and promote their knowledge on economic, monetary and financial concepts and mechanisms in general, and on central bank activities in particular. In this way, the CNB contributes to the strengthening of economic and financial literacy of citizens.

Organisational sheme

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Boris Vujčić, PhD Phone: +385 14564-781 Fax: +385 14550-598
Deputy Governor
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Sandra Švaljek, PhD Phone: +385 14564-561 Fax: +385 14564-733
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Roman Šubić, PhD Phone: +385 14565-008 Fax: +385 14565-036
  Telephone Fax
Tomislav Ćorić, PhD Phone: +385 14564-601  
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Tomislav Presečan, MSc Phone: +385 14590-316 Fax: +385 14564-975
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Ivana Jakir-Bajo, MSc Phone: +385 14564-646 Fax: +385 14564-733
  Telephone Fax
Michael Faulend, PhD Phone: +385 14564-865 Fax: +385 14564-737
  Telephone Fax
Bojan Fras Phone: +385 14564-893 Fax: +385 14564-737
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Slavko Tešija, MSc Phone: +385 14564-776 Fax: +385 14564-699
Chief Economist
  Telephone Fax
Vedran Šošić, MSc Phone: +385 14564-548 Fax: +385 14565-036
Chief Operating Officer
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Tomislav Presečan, MSc Phone: +385 14565-025 Fax: +385 14564-975
Central Banking Operations Area
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Executive Director: Irena Kovačec, MSc Phone: +385 14564-665 Fax: +385 14565-783
Monetary Operations Department
Director: Gordan Prugovečki Phone: +385 14564-665 Fax: +385 14565-579
Liquidity Forecasts Division
Open Market Operations Division
Transactions Processing Division
Financial Asset Management Department
Director: Dražen Mikulčić, MSc Phone: +385 14565-092 Fax: +385 14565-095
Financial Asset Transactions Division
Financial Transactions Control and Settlement Division
Fnancial Asset Management Support Division
Research Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Davor Kunovac Phone: +385 14590-371, +385 14564-890 Fax: +385 14564-784
Economic Analysis Department
Director: Gordi Sušić Phone: +385 14564-869, +385 14564-890 Fax: +385 14564-784
Monetary Policy Department
Director: Jurica Zrnc Phone: +385 14690-112 Fax: +385 14564-784
Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability Department
Director: Maja Bukovšak Phone: +385 14564-751, +385 14564-761 Fax: +385 14590-396
Compliance Office
  Telephone Fax
Director: Vjekoslav Kozina Phone: +385 14690-160
Statistics Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Tomislav Galac Phone: +385 14564-543 Fax: +385 14550-854
Monetary and Financial Statistics Department
Director: Lidija Hećimović, MSc Phone: +385 14564-860 Fax: +385 14550-854
Monetary Financial Institutions Statistics Division
Securities and Non-Monetary Financial Institutions Statistics Division
Financial Accounts and Fiscal Statistics Division
External Statistics Department
Director: Alen Škudar, MSc Phone: +385 14564-867 Fax: +385 14550-854
Balance of Payments Statistics Division
External Debt and International Investment Position Statistics Division
General Economic Statistics and Statistical Information Systems Department
Director: Davor Galinec, PhD Phone: +385 14564-618 Fax: +385 14550-854
Prudential Regulation and Methodology Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Sanja Petrinić Turković Phone: +385 14564-599 Fax: +385 14564-911
Prudential Regulation and Crisis Management Department
Director: Marko Tokić Phone: +385 14564-599 Fax: +385 14564-911
Risk Modelling Department
Director: Ivana Jolić Phone: +385 14564-599 Fax: +385 14564-911
Prudential Reporting, Methodology and Analysis Department
Director: Vedran Bartol Phone: +385 14564-599 Fax: +385 14564-911
Prudential Reporting Division
Prudential Methodology and Analysis Division
Prudential Supervision Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Renata Samodol, MSc Phone: +385 14564-902 Fax: +385 14565-053
Supervision Department I
Director: Ana Janjušić Dumalovski Phone: +385 14564-925 Fax: +385 14565-053
Supervision Department II
Director: Tomislav Jelinić Phone: +385 14565-017 Fax: +385 14565-053
Supervision Department III
Director: Mirna Ljuban Phone: +385 14564-901 Fax: +385 14565-053
On-site Supervision Department
Director: Phone: +385 14564-902 Fax: +385 14565-053
Expert Supervision and Oversight Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Damir Blažeković, MSc Phone: +385 14564-921 Fax: +385 14565-052
Information Systems Supervision Department
Director: Slaven Smojver, PhD Phone: +385 14564-921 Fax: +385 14565-052
Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Supervision Department
Director: Vesna Krizmanić Mehdin Phone: +385 14564-921 Fax: +385 14565-052
Office for Coordination of Prudential Supervision, Oversight and Risk Management Activities
  Telephone Fax
Director: Mario Varjačić Phone: +385 14564-931 Fax: +385 14565-052
Office for the Supervision of Entities in Non-Performing Loan Sales
Director: Tripović Sandra Phone: +385 14596-364
Office of the Governor
  Telephone Fax
Director: Nina Srkalović Phone: +385 14564-567 Fax: +385 14550-598
Internal Audit Office
  Telephone Fax
Director: Ivana Krečak, MSc Phone: +385 14590-345 Fax: +385 14610-551
Financial Risk Management Office
  Telephone Fax
Director: Ivan Budimir, PhD Phone: +385 1 4565-003 Fax:  
Security Office
  Telephone Fax
Director: Zoran Bogdanović Phone: +385 14590-376 Fax: +385 14564-778
Information and Education Centre “Moneterra - the Money Museum of the Croatian National Bank”
  Telephone Fax
Director: Ines Merkl Phone: +385 1 4564-719 Fax: 
Legal Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Dražen Odorčić Phone: +385 14564-859 Fax: +385 14564-874
Financial and Supervisory Law Department
Director: Ivana Parać Vukomanović Phone: +385 14590-304 Fax: +385 14564-874
Financial Law Division
Supervisory Law Division
General Legal Affairs Department
Director: Nataša Gornik Jakšić Phone: +385 14590-303 Fax: +385 14564-874
Consumer Protection Monitoring Office
  Telephone Fax
Director: Snježana Levar Phone: +385 14590-330 Fax: +385 14590-332
Payment Operations Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Bruno Vukoja Phone: +385 14590-327 Fax: +385 14564-971
Payment Operations Regulation and Development Department
Director: Tomislav Mišić Phone: +385 14564-992 Fax: +385 14564-971
Payment Operations Supervision Department
Director: Draško Albrecht Phone: +385 14564-717 Fax: +385 14564-971
Payment Operations Supervision Division
Payment Operations Statistics Division
Payment Systems Operations Department
Director: Marijana Gašpert Phone: +385 14690-110 Fax: +385 14564-704
Payment Systems Division
Client Operations Division
International and European Relations Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Sanja Tomičić, MSc Phone: +385 14565-035 Fax: +385 14564-768
European Relations Department
Director: Ana Šabić, MSc Phone: +385 14564-923 Fax: +385 14564-768
ESCB and ESRB Division
EU Policies Division
International Financial Institutions Department
Director: Ana Martinis, MSc Phone: +385 14590-388 Fax: +385 14564-768
International Financial Institutions Policies Division
Division for Financial Relations with International Financial Institutions
Controlling, Finance and Accounting Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Diana Jakelić, PhD Phone: +385 14564-808 Fax: +385 14550-594
Controlling Department
Director: Irena Topić, MSc Phone: +385 14590-335 Fax: +385 14550-594
Finance and Accounting Department
Director: Mario Varović, PhD Phone: +385 14564-725 Fax: +385 14550-594
Central Accounting Division
Domestic Currency Analytical Bookkeeping Division
Foreign Exchange Analytical Bookkeeping Division
Internal Accounting Operations Division
Finance and Administrative Accounting Division
Support Services Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Boris Zaninović Phone: +385 14564-943 Fax: +385 14564-990
Human Resources Department
Director: Željka Majher Phone: +385 14565-016 Fax: +385 14565-022
Technical Services Department
Director: Roman Kos Phone: +385 14564-886 Fax: +385 14564-929
Technical Support Services Division
Maintenance Division
General Services Department
Director: Nataša Radovčić Phone: +385 14564-672 Fax: +385 14610-551
General Support Services Division
Mail Services Division
Facilities Supply and Storage Services Division
Procurement Department
Director: Josip Medić Phone: +385 14590-358 Fax: +385 14564-700
Business Protocol Department
Director: Dražena Zgombić Phone: +385 14564-690  
Communications Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Alemka Lisinski Phone: +385 14596-312 Fax: +385 14564-737
External, Internal and Digital Communications Department
Director: Frenki Laušić Phone: +385 14690-116  
External and Internal Communications Division
Digital Communications Division
Publications Department
Director: Katja Gattin Turkalj, MSc Phone: +385 14564-880 Fax: +385 14564-737
Language and Documentation Department
Director: Romana Sinković, MSc Phone: +385 14565-005 Fax: +385 14564-687
Translating and Language-Editing Division
Library and Documentation Centre
Succession Issues Coordination Office
Director: Snježana Raić Phone: +385 14564-651
Foreign Exchange Regulations Office
Director: Zoran Jurak Phone: +385 14564-649
Credit Institutions Resolution Office
  Telephone Fax
Director: Lidija Pranjić Phone: +385 14565-021 Fax: +385 14596-341
Information Technology Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Mario Žgela, PhD Phone: +385 14564-767 Fax: +385 14565-073
Application Systems Development Department
Director: Darko Pongrac Phone: +385 14564-866 Fax: +385 14564-693
Design Division
Programming Division
Quality Assurance Division
IT Operations Department
Director: Davor Đeker Phone: +385 14564-752 Fax: +385 14565-073
Network and Operating Systems Management Division
Database, Enterprise Reporting Systems and Document Management Division
User Support Division
Information System Security and Protection Division
Visitors' Centre
  Telephone Fax
Director: Dejana Rebernik, MSc    
Currency Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Tihomir Mavriček Phone: +385 14564-612 Fax: +385 14610-549
Currency Operations Regulation, Development and Control Department
Director: Lidija Benko Braus Phone: +385 14565-032 Fax: +385 14610-549
Currency Operations Regulation and Development Division
Currency Operations Control Division
Currency Safekeeping, Processing and Supply Department
Director: Ranko Antolović Phone: +385 14564-500 Fax: +385 14610-549
Currency Safekeeping and Supply Division
Currency Processing Division
National Counterfeit, National Analysis and Coin National Analysis Centres
Director: Petra Poldrugač, PhD Phone: +385 14564-612 Fax: +385 14610-549
National Counterfeit Centre
National Analysis and Coin National Analysis Centres