CNB press releases

CNB Council: Inflation is expected to slow down to 2.1% in 2022

Date 13/10/2021

CNB Council: Approval granted for the Management Board of Hrvatska poštanska banka

Date 9/9/2021

The EU should stick to the Basel III agreement

Date 7/9/2021

Croatian checkerboard, geographical map of Croatia, marten, Glagolitic script and Nikola Tesla – the motifs proposed to be featured on the Croatian side of euro coins

Date 21/7/2021

CNB Council: 6.8% GDP growth in 2021

Date 14/7/2021

Croatian National Bank and National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia sign Memorandum of Understanding concerning cooperation and exchange of information

Date 6/7/2021

Croatian citizens to participate in selecting motifs for the national side of euro coins

Date 1/7/2021

CNB issues new numismatic sets to mark Independence Day

Date 25/6/2021

New 25 kuna coin to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Croatian Association of Technical Culture

Date 23/6/2021

CNB Council adopts CNB Annual Report for 2020

Date 17/6/2021

CNB's foreign exchange intervention

Date 16/6/2021

Croatian National Bank becomes member of NGFS

Date 15/6/2021

CNB Council: Accelerated economic recovery in first quarter of 2021

Date 9/6/2021

Commission for the Selection of Design Proposals for the national side of euro coins holds a meeting

Date 1/6/2021

CNB Council: Approval for appointments of Zagrebačka banka Management Board Members

Date 26/5/2021