Consumer protection

Published: 26/3/2018
The Croatian National Bank conducts its consumer protection policy by contributing to the development of the legal framework, exercising supervision of credit institutions within its competence with regard to the application of regulations governing consumer protection, and by conducting financial education activities.

By undertaking its activities, the Croatian National Bank continuously contributes to the development of the legal framework and performs activities directed at improving the quality of consumer protection within its competence.

Consumers – users of services provided by credit institutions (banks, savings banks and housing savings banks), consumers – users of services provided by credit unions, who are at the same time their members, consumers – users of services provided by credit intermediaries that participate in the process of offering consumer housing loans and consumers – users of payment services and electronic money holders fall within the competence of the Croatian National Bank.

By conducting its consumer protection policy, the Croatian National Bank exercises supervision and determines whether institutions within its competence comply with applicable legislative and other provisions on consumer protection and apply good business practice. The Bank ensures that accurate and updated information is provided to consumers in a transparent manner. Complaints that consumers lodge concerning the procedure of an institution within the competence of the Croatian National Bank are taken into account. However, it is important to note that the Croatian National Bank is not responsible for handling individual consumer complaints.

The Croatian National Bank also undertakes activities in the area of financial training and education, since it considers it necessary for consumers to gain specific knowledge needed to understand the offered information and to make informed decisions about the products and services offered or provided by the above-mentioned institutions.

By meeting these objectives, the Croatian National Bank also contributes to the stability and efficiency of the country's financial system.