Monetary policy

The primary objective of the Croatian National Bank is maintaining price stability. In practice, this means that the central bank supports low and stable inflation.
Monetary policy framework
The CNB's monetary policy framework is based on maintaining the stability of the nominal exchange rate of the kuna against the euro. A stable exchange rate of the kuna against the euro constitutes the ...
Exchange rate regime
The Croatian National Bank implements the managed floating exchange rate regime.
Monetary policy implementation
The Croatian National Bank implements its monetary policy by determining and implementing instruments and measures needed to fulfil its objectives and tasks. Foreign exchange interventions are the main...
Monetary policy instruments
In implementing its defined monetary policy, the Croatian National Bank uses instruments and measures required to regulate the banks’ lending activity and liquidity as well as to control the amount of ...
Lender of last resort role
The central bank’s role as the lender of last resort implies providing liquidity to solvent credit institutions in order to maintain the stability of the banking and the financial system.