About us

Functions and structure
The operational functions and organisational structure of the central bank are aimed to facilitate the realisation of its primary objective and tasks.
Information for consumers
By conducting its consumer protection policy, the Croatian National Bank strives to contribute to the development of standards and good practice in the provision of banking and financial services to co...
The Croatian National Bank owes the achievement of its primary objective and the fulfilment of its tasks, as well as its reputation in the domestic and international environment, to the high level of p...
The Croatian National Bank organises the Dubrovnik Economic Conference and Ante Čičin-Šain Lecture.
Public procurement
The Croatian National Bank is subject to the Public Procurement Act
The building in which it is situated is a protected cultural property and the most renowned work of the architect Viktor Kovačić.
The Croatian National Bank organises lectures for primary school, secondary school and university students on topics within the competence of the central bank.