Bank as employer

Published: 31/1/2015
We offer a challenging job to our employees, coupled with continuous learning and development in a business culture characterized by mutual respect and trust.

Business culture

In the Croatian National Bank, we promote a business culture aimed at respect, trust, appreciation of moral values and dignity, acquisition of knowledge, outstanding achievements, and proactive behaviour.

The word "team" is crucial for our work in the Bank. Owing to teamwork and effective cooperation, excellence and successful business results are achieved. Our permanent goal is to increase the quality of our work and achieve long-term business efficiency. In our work, we are guided by a common vision, shared core values, responsible and professional conduct, openness, appreciation of differences, encouragement of tolerance, autonomy in work, prevention of misunderstandings and conflicts and the promotion of basic ethical principles to which we aspire and which we all share. By establishing rules of conduct, we seek to maintain and ensure integrity, good reputation and the flawless activity and practice of the institution as a whole as well as of our employees, clients, business partners and associates.

Learning and development

We devote special attention to learning and development. Professionalism, dedication and proactive behaviour are the main characteristics of our employees, providing a major contribution to our success. Learning and development are encouraged in accordance with our business needs, taking into consideration the preferences of the employees themselves. Our employees broaden their knowledge by participating in seminars and conferences both in Croatia and abroad, as well as through mentorship, postgraduate study programmes and specialisation. We conduct in-house trainings adapted to specific needs, thus contributing to the development of competences and the encouragement of team spirit and communication among employees.

We cooperate with the European Central Bank and other central banks as well as financial institutions in Croatia and abroad, exchanging business information and know-how.