The results of the euro area bank lending survey

Published: 11/10/2017 Modified: 2/5/2023

From April 2023, The Croatian National Bank is conducting the euro area bank lending survey. This survey is conducted in all euro area member states.

The survey is conducted four times a year, with the aim to provide insight into the developments in bank lending standards and conditions (loan supply) and the changes in loan demand.

The survey encompasses 22 questions, 18 of which relate to developments in the past three months, i.e. in the previous quarter, while four questions are directed at expectations in the following three months, that is, in the following quarter. The survey also includes an open-ended question and ad-hoc questions on specific topics of interest. Questions are grouped with regard to two types of banks' credit portfolios: households and corporates. For both sectors, the questionnaire includes questions which are intended to differentiate the effect of supply and demand factors on banks' credit activity. The survey is conducted on a representative sample of banks, based on the methodology of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The results of the euro area bank lending survey

Archive – The results of the previous bank lending survey ending with the fourth quarter of 2022