Published: 1/2/2015

The Bulletin is a monthly publication of the Croatian National Bank which outlines recent developments in the real, monetary, fiscal and external sectors, and also includes a statistical survey of data regularly published by the CNB.

The Bulletin is published at most nine times in a calendar year. In July and December, when the Bulletin is not published, a more detailed presentation of macroeconomic developments is given in the publication Macroeconomic Developments and Outlook. The latter publication continues from the Information on economic trends and forecasts, and includes an analysis of recent macroeconomic and monetary developments in the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian National Bank's forecast of the main macroeconomic indicators and boxes with analysis of selected current topics.

The first Bulletin was issued in February 1996 in the paper form. From the first to the twenty-second issue of the Bulletin the issuer was the National Bank of Croatia and, due the Bank changing its name, starting from the twenty-third issue of January 1998 the issuer became the Croatian National Bank.