Announcement of public appearances

Published: 16/9/2022

The calendar contains announcements of public appearances by Croatian National Bank Governor, Deputy Governor and Croatian National Bank Council and Chief Economist. Announcements are issued weekly.

Since 1 September 2022, Governor Boris Vujčić has held an observer status in the Governing Council of the European Central Bank and on 1 January 2023, the day of CNB entry into the Eurosystem, Governor Vujčić will become a full member of this body and his appearances before important meetings will be subject to the observance of the quiet period principle, which means restricted interaction between the members of the Governing Council and the media and market participants before key meetings. The calendar therefore also gives the dates of the meetings of the Governing Council held every six weeks, where economic and monetary developments are analysed and monetary policy decisions taken, as well as the dates of the beginning of the quiet period.

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