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Googlajte za BDP

Date 12/3/2021

Successful completion of the Twinning project for the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia

Date 11/3/2021

CNB Council: Corporate and housing loans accelerate growth, consumer lending continues to decline

Date 10/3/2021

CNB's role

International Monetary Fund

Bank for International Settlements

4. industrijska revolucija tvrtkama donosi veći profit, učinkovitost i stabilnost

Date 3/3/2021

Nastavljen trend pada NRS-a

Date 1/3/2021

Ukupna dobit banaka u 2020. manja za 53,1 posto u odnosu na 2019.

Date 1/3/2021

Indicators of banking system operations in 2020

Date 1/3/2021

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