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CNB Council: 5.9 percent GDP growth in 2021

Date 12/4/2021

ECB extends the euro liquidity line with the CNB

Date 4/2/2021

CNB Council: Degree of expansionary monetary policy

Date 3/2/2021

CNB Council: Adoption of decisions on the general reserves of the Croatian National Bank

Date 4/1/2021

The National Council establishes the Steering Committee and six Coordination Committees for the introduction of the euro

Date 31/12/2020

Changes in the disclosure of supervisory information and information on the banking system

Date 30/12/2020

Finance for Sustainable Growth – the conference on the Italian-Croatian cooperation and economic recovery financing

Date 11/12/2020

New silver coin issued to mark the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Archaeological Museum in Split

Date 1/12/2020

CNB issues a new “Gold Kuna” coin

Date 24/11/2020

Housing loans recorded annual growth of 8.4% in September

Date 30/10/2020

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