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CNB Council:
Preparation for the introduction of the RTSG in final stage

Date 10/2/1999

CNB Council:
Central bank offers additional liquidity facility to banks

Date 28/1/1999

Central bank appoints temporary administrators to four banks

Date 21/1/1999

CNB Council:
Considerable growth of foreign currency deposits in December 2000

Date 20/1/1999

CNB Council:
Council disagrees with the rehabilitation of Ilirija banka

Date 9/12/1998

IMF Mission completes its visit to Croatia

Date 12/11/1998

CNB Council:
CNB Council grants operating licence to Hrvatska stambena štedionica

Date 4/11/1998

CNB Council:
CNB Council discusses world economic crisis

Date 14/10/1998

CNB Council:
Exchange rate fluctuations do not require changes in monetary policy

Date 30/9/1998

CNB Council:
CNB Council rejects rehabilitation of Glumina banka

Date 18/9/1998

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