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Mr. Hans Flickenschield, Head of the IMF Mission to Croatia, on visit in Zagreb

Date 10/2/2000

CNB Council:
Basic stability indicators remain satisfactory

Date 9/2/2000

CNB Council:
Main indicators of macroeconomic stability are satisfactory

Date 19/1/2000

Commemorative 25 kuna coin

Date 28/12/1999

CNB Council:
Banca Commerciale Italiana acquires majority stake in Privredna banka Zagreb

Date 17/12/1999

Preparations for the year 2000

Date 17/12/1999

CNB Council:
Central bank allows more extensive use of Lombard credits from December 15, 1999 until January 15, 2000

Date 1/12/1999

CNB Council:
CNB Council defines goals to be achieved by the banking system

Date 3/11/1999

CNB Council:
CNB Council examines developments in the banking system

Date 27/10/1999

Cooperation of the Nobel Prize winner Robert Mundell with the Croatian National Bank

Date 14/10/1999

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