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CNB Council:
Ten approvals for appointments of chairmen and members of bank management boards

Date 11/10/2006

CNB Council:
External debt reduced

Date 13/9/2006

CNB Council:
Inaugural session of the new CNB Council

Date 19/7/2006

CNB Council:
Two approvals at the end of the term of office

Date 12/7/2006

12th Dubrovnik Economic Conference opens today

Date 28/6/2006

CNB Council:
Société Générale was approved the acquisition of Splitska banka

Date 14/6/2006

CNB Council:
Foreign debt continues to rise

Date 10/5/2006

CNB Council:
Bank foreign borrowing continues upwards

Date 12/4/2006

Position of the Croatian National Bank as regards the issues raised by the European Commission in connection with KBC:
Legal framework and individual relevant factors taken into account in the assessment of prospective acquirers of a qualifying holding in Croatian banks

Date 31/3/2006

Statement of the Croatian National Bank regarding the issue of foreign currency savings of Croatian citizens in Ljubljanska banka

Date 14/3/2006

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