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CNB Council:
CNB Council introduces measures to correct imbalance of liquidity in the banking system

Date 21/5/1998

CNB Council:
CNB extends Lombard credit maturity period

Date 13/5/1998

CNB's selection criteria for the audit of a group of banks misunderstood

Date 11/5/1998

CNB Council:
Reintegration of the Croatian Danube Area into the Croatian payment system successfully completed

Date 6/5/1998

KPMG and Deloitte & Touche to audit a group of Croatian banks

Date 30/4/1998

Central bank governor in Washington

Date 13/4/1998

CNB Council:
CNB Council acts to reduce excessive credit expansion of banks

Date 8/4/1998

CNB Council:
CNB Council proposes rehabilitation of Dubrovačka banka

Date 3/4/1998

CNB Council:
CNB Council increases Lombard rate

Date 1/4/1998

CNB to grant bridging loans to Dubrovačka banka

Date 18/3/1998

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