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Release of the statistical data on deposits and loans of credit institutions for December 2023

Date 31/1/2024

Exchange of kuna through postal services

Date 31/1/2024

CNB hosted a conference on the first anniversary of the introduction of the euro in Croatia

Date 30/1/2024

Registered counterfeits

Date 15/7/2003

The role of base effects in the slowdown of consumer inflation

Date 26/1/2024

CNB issues “Trsat Dragon” gold and silver numismatic coins

Date 24/1/2024

Financial accounts statistics for the third quarter of 2023

Date 19/1/2024

CNB Council: The share of non-performing loans down to 2.7% in the third quarter

Date 17/1/2024

Cash statistics

Date 1/1/2023

Credit unions

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