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Good cooperation with the Single Resolution Board continues

Date 9/2/2022

New tender to be launched for the concept and design for the national side of the Croatian euro coins bearing the marten motif

Date 8/2/2022

CNB Council: Share of non-performing loans in total bank loans continues to decline

Date 26/1/2022

Governor, Deputy Governor and employees of the Croatian National Bank acted in compliance with regulations and ethical standards

Date 13/1/2022

CNB Council: CNB Council adopts the Financial Plan for 2022

Date 23/12/2021

Anniversary Celebration on the Occasion of 30 Years of the Croatian National Bank

Date 20/12/2021

CNB Council: GDP expected to grow by 4.1% in 2022

Date 15/12/2021

New 25 kuna coin to mark World Children's Day

Date 19/11/2021

“Dalmatian Dog” – CNB’s new silver and gold coins

Date 9/11/2021

CNB Council: Core inflation in September at 1.9%

Date 3/11/2021

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