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CNB Council:
Clear-cut division of responsibilities in bank supervision

Date 11/4/2002

CNB Council:
Lowers Lombard rate and remuneration on kuna reserve requirement

Date 10/4/2002

IMF/WB Constituency Meeting to be held in Zagreb

Date 21/3/2002

CBN Council:
Riječka banka did not use the additional liquidity loan

Date 20/3/2002

CNB Council:
The CNB Council approves the acquisition of shares in Dalmatinska banka and Dubrovačka banka

Date 19/3/2002

CNB Council:
Higher level of deposits, lower interest rates, more intense credit activities

Date 13/2/2002

CNB Council:
Year-on-year core inflation in December 1.7%

Date 16/1/2002

25 kuna legal tender commemorative coin marks the 10th Anniversary of the International Recognition of the Republic of Croatia

Date 14/1/2002

CNB Council:
Unicredito and Allianz, as well as Bank Austria given prior approvals

Date 19/12/2001

CNB Council:
Encouraging economic development indicators

Date 5/12/2001

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