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Supervisors and bankers meet at the CNB

Date 23/2/2015

CNB Council: Amendments to the Decision on payments and collections in foreign means of payment in the country

Date 4/2/2015

Press releases

Foreign exchange position of banks reported in accordance with regulations

Date 26/1/2015

Some facts about loans in Swiss francs and some options for government intervention

Date 21/1/2015

CNB Council: Approvals issued for the chairpersons and management board members in six banks

Date 16/12/2014

CNB Council: Approval granted for the management boards of three banks

Date 12/11/2014

Asset quality review confirms a high capital adequacy ratio of the observed banks and of the system as a whole

Date 26/10/2014

CNB Council: Expansive monetary policy continues

Date 7/10/2014

CNB Council: Growth in both provisions and profits of banks

Date 10/9/2014

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