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CNB Council: Financial system remains very stable

Date 9/10/2017

New 50 kuna banknote in circulation

Date 25/9/2017

Mogući rizici povezani s ulaganjima u virtualne valute

Date 22/9/2017

CNB Council: Intesa Sanpaolo granted approval to acquire Veneto banka Zagreb

Date 14/9/2017

Publishing of indicators on general government operations in line with EU standards

Date 31/8/2017

CNB Council: Approvals granted for management board appointments in five banks

Date 18/7/2017

Communication of the Croatian National Bank on the beginning of implementation of SEPA direct debits in kuna

Date 11/7/2017

CNB and IMF conference begins

Date 10/7/2017

CNB Council: Bank lending recovery continues

Date 14/6/2017

CNB issues 25 kuna coin entitled "25th Anniversary of the Admission of the Republic of Croatia to Membership in the United Nations"

Date 22/5/2017

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