Terms of use

Published: 31/5/2015

Update of the web site

The webpages of the Croatian National Bank (CNB) are updated on a regular basis. The CNB reserves the right to change information (amend or/and correct) in full or in part at any time.
The CNB makes every effort to ensure that all information and data in web documents are accurate and of recent date.

Web site related copyright

The Croatian National Bank holds the copyright to www.hnb.hr and the contents of that site, except in cases where it is explicitly stated otherwise. The Croatian National Bank permits copying material from its web site under the condition that the CNB is stated as the source. The reproduction of banknotes is, however, subject to special rules. It is not permitted to amend the contents of the material.

The Croatian National Bank grants permission to create links to www.hnb.hr. The links have to lead directly to the CNB's web address and may not be used for any kind of advertising.

The CNB does not assume any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage, which might occur from using the information contained in the CNB's site.