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Obavijest o početku primjene nove EU regulative o jednakosti naknada za plaćanja u eurima i kunama

Date 3/1/2020

Comments on monetary developments for November 2019

Date 31/12/2019

Comments on the balance of payments and international investment position in 3Q 2019

Date 31/12/2019

CNB Council: CNB Council adopts the Financial Plan of the CNB for 2020

Date 30/12/2019

Governor Vujčić presents CNB Innovation Hub

Date 17/12/2019

Lower GDP growth expected in 2020

Date 17/12/2019

CNB Council: CNB adopts monetary policy guidelines for the period up to 2022

Date 16/12/2019

Željko Rohatinski, former Governor of the CNB, dies (1951-2019)

Date 13/12/2019

Izazovi financijske pismenosti za zemlje Jugoistočne Europe

Date 10/12/2019

Activities related to Croatia’s entry into the ERM II of paramount importance in 2020

Date 10/12/2019

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