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CNB purchases USD 315 million from the Ministry of Finance

Date 8/10/1999

IMF Mission on visit to Croatia

Date 27/9/1999

CNB Council:
Central bank proposes bankruptcy for Promdei banka

Date 22/9/1999

Delegation of the Croatian National Bank at the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank

Date 21/9/1999

CNB Council:
Tax rates cannot be reduced without changes in the distribution of domestic product and consumption

Date 1/9/1999

CNB Council:
The mandate of the temporary administrator in Croatia bank is extended

Date 23/8/1999

CNB Council:
Central bank appoints temporary administrator in Promdei banka

Date 30/7/1999

CNB Council:
Foreign currency deposits increased, lending rates decreased

Date 28/7/1999

CNB Council:
Macroeconomic framework remains stable

Date 30/6/1999

CNB Council:
Central bank proposes rehabilitation for Croatia banka

Date 16/6/1999

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