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Press release on the occasion of the savings day, October 31, 2001

Date 31/10/2001

CNB Council:
Economic growth higher than expected

Date 3/10/2001

CNB Council:
New monetary policy measures

Date 5/9/2001

Exchange rate stabilization

Date 20/8/2001

The release of the new 20 kuna banknote

Date 10/8/2001

Introductory meeting of the IMF Mission at the CNB

Date 27/7/2001

CNB Council:
Exchange rate appreciation curbed

Date 25/7/2001

5 kuna banknotes, issue March 7, 2001 in circulation on July 9, 2001

Date 6/7/2001

CNB Council:
Dynamic economic growth continues

Date 4/7/2001

Preparations for the euro

Date 19/6/2001

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