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Banks must sharpen their focus on climate risk, ECB supervisory stress test shows

Date 8/7/2022

CNB Council: Approval for appointing the management boards of Addiko Bank d.d. and J&T banka d.d.

Date 29/6/2022

CNB Council: Growing demand for corporate credit

Date 8/6/2022

Historic step on Croatia's journey towards adopting the euro

Date 1/6/2022

CNB Council: Semi-annual Information for the 2nd half of 2021 adopted

Date 25/5/2022

CNB issues a new Gold Kuna coin

Date 16/5/2022

CNB Council: Increased total financial system exposure to systemic risks

Date 11/5/2022

National Bank of Ukraine Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko attends ad hoc meeting of ECB General Council

Date 5/5/2022

CNB Council: Design selected for the national side of the Republic of Croatia on 1 euro coin

Date 4/5/2022

CNB Council: Completion of resolution proceedings against Sberbank d.d. – under resolution

Date 13/4/2022

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