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Response to media reports:
Full text of the opinion that the Croatian National Bank has issued to Erste und Steiermärkische bank d.d. Zagreb related to banking secret issue

Date 17/2/2005

CNB Council:
Additional measures to reduce external borrowing

Date 9/2/2005

Croatian IBAN registered with the European Committee for Banking Standards

Date 21/1/2005

CNB Council:
Favourable trends in foreign trade

Date 19/1/2005

CNB Council:
Inflation remains low

Date 22/12/2004

CNB Council:
Amendments made to several decisions governing foreign exchange operations

Date 8/12/2004

IMF Mission visits Croatia – First Review of the Stand-by Arrangement

Date 2/12/2004

CNB Council:
Stable exchange rate, growing exports

Date 17/11/2004

IMF Mission visits Croatia

Date 27/10/2004

CNB Council:
Banks' reserve requirement reduced

Date 13/10/2004

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