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CNB Council: Completion of resolution proceedings against Sberbank d.d. – under resolution

Date 13/4/2022


Date 4/9/2019

Comments on the balance of payments, gross external debt and the international investment position in 4Q 2021

Date 31/3/2022

Comments on monetary developments for February 2022

Date 31/3/2022

CNB Council: Approval for appointing Podravska banka d.d. Management Board

Date 30/3/2022


Date 11/7/2019

CNB Council: GDP continues to grow; the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia to have a negative impact on the economy

Date 11/3/2022

Replacement of damaged cash from other bearers from RC

Resolution of Sberbank d.d. – new owner Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d.

Date 1/3/2022

Comments on banking system developments in 2021

Date 1/3/2022

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