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ZIBOR has to be replaced by other rates

Date 5/12/2019

Notification to qualified trust service providers (qualified certificate issuers) and payment service providers of new developments in the format of qualified certificate records (PSD2 certificates)

Date 2/12/2019

CNB Council: Accelerated GDP growth in Q3

Date 14/11/2019

Information on the access of new payment service providers to payment accounts maintained at banks

Date 18/10/2019

CNB Council session: Growth forecast for 2019 revised down slightly to 3%

Date 9/10/2019

CNB revises external statistics

Date 30/9/2019

CNB Council session: GDP growth might accelerate in Q3

Date 5/9/2019

CNB Council: Approval granted to the new Management Board of HPB

Date 20/8/2019

CNB and IMF join efforts to address demographic challenges

Date 14/7/2019

CNB Council: Economic growth projected at 3.1% in 2019

Date 10/7/2019

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