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Comments on the balance of payments, gross external debt and the international investment position in 2Q 2023

Date 29/9/2023


Management of the Single Resolution Board visit the Croatian National Bank

Date 20/9/2023

Household Finance and Consumption Survey

Date 20/9/2023

Overview of the CNB’s autumn macroeconomic projections for Croatia September 2023

Date 15/9/2023

Commemorative euro coins

Date 1/1/2023

Macroeconomic projections

Date 17/3/2023

Commemorative 2-euro coin “Republic of Croatia, Member of the Euro Area”

Date 15/9/2023

CNB issues the first commemorative 2-euro circulation coin

Date 12/9/2023

CNB Council: Commemorative euro coins issued to celebrate the introduction of the euro

Date 6/9/2023

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