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ECB selects “European culture” and “Rivers and birds” as possible themes for future euro banknotes

Date 30/11/2023

CNB Council: The CNB Council adopted the Semi-annual Information on the Financial Condition, the Degree of Price Stability Achieved and the Implementation of Monetary Policy in the First Half of 2023

Date 7/11/2023

CNB welcomed more than 1100 people on its Open Day

Date 4/11/2023

CNB issues "Lace-making in Croatia" gold collector coins

Date 17/10/2023

CNB Council: Strong lending to households continues in the third quarter

Date 9/10/2023

Management of the Single Resolution Board visit the Croatian National Bank

Date 20/9/2023

Household Finance and Consumption Survey

Date 20/9/2023

CNB issues the first commemorative 2-euro circulation coin

Date 12/9/2023

CNB Council: Commemorative euro coins issued to celebrate the introduction of the euro

Date 6/9/2023

EBA publishes the results of its 2023 EU-wide stress test

Date 28/7/2023

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