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We shall continue pursuing our economic policies

Date 25/7/1997

We shall continue pursuing the same policy

Date 10/7/1997

Central bank further reduces the required reserve ratio

Date 2/7/1997

The 3rd Dubrovnik Economic Conference

Central bank reduces the required reserve ratio by 1 percentage point to 33.85%

Date 4/6/1997

Technical preparations for the introduction of kuna in Eastern Slavonia, Baranya and Western Syrmia completed

Date 7/5/1997

Reserve requirement to be further reduced

Date 2/4/1997

The report on foreign investments to be submitted by March 31, 1997

Date 11/3/1997

Central bank reduces discount and Lombard rate

Date 5/3/1997

Monetary policy in February to remain neutral

Date 5/2/1997

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