Nacionalna referentna stopa (NRS) za 1. tromjesečje 2024.

Published: 29/5/2020 Modified: 29/5/2024
1. tr. 2024.
3M 0,42 0,57 0,90 1,05
6M 0,34 0,49 0,80 0,93
12M 0,22 0,35 0,64 0,79


National reference rate (NRR)

Published: 29/5/2020

The national reference rate (NRR) is an implicit interest rate serving as an index to determine the variable part of the variable interest rate in financial contracts. The Croatian National Bank computes the NRR using data on interest expenses and the main funding to which these interest expenses refer, which the CNB regularly collects from banks, savings banks and branches of foreign banks. The quality of the NRR computation process is ensured by input data checks, internal procedures in place and regular audits of data check procedures. The NRR and additional data used for its computation are published quarterly on the CNB's website.

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