Effects of the Adoption of the Euro on Consumer Prices and Inflation Perceptions: An Overview of Experiences and Assessment of the Possible Impact in Croatia

Publication Surveys
Date October 2017
Issue S-27
Author Andreja Pufnik

CNB Transparency and Monetary Policy

Publication Surveys
Date August 2017
Issue S-25
Authors Katja Gattin Turkalj and Igor Ljubaj

Exposure of the Private Non-financial Sector to Interest Rate Risk: Analysis of Results of the Survey on Interest Rate Variability

Publication Surveys
Date October 2017
Issue S-24
Author Mate Rosan

Price Competitiveness of the Manufacturing Sector – a Sector Approach Based on Technological Intensity Level

Publication Surveys
Date February 2017
Issue S-23
Author Enes Đozović

Microeconomic Aspects of Productivity Developments during the Great Recession in Croatia – the CompNet Productivity Module Research Results

Publication Surveys
Date July 2017
Issue S - 22
Authors Miljana Valdec and Jurica Zrnc

A Note on Kuna Lending

Publication Surveys
Date December 2016
Issue S-21
Authors Igor Ljubaj and Suzana Petrović

Are Shadow Banks Hiding in Croatia as Well?

Publication Surveys
Date November 2016
Issue S - 20
Authors Mirna Dumičić and Tomislav Ridzak

Features of the Labour Market and Wage Setting in Croatia: Firms Survey Results

Publication Surveys
Date October 2015
Issue S - 19
Authors Marina Kunovac and Andreja Pufnik

A Brief Introduction to the World of Macroprudential Policy

Publication Surveys
Date August 2015
Issue S - 18
Author Mirna Dumičić

Framework for Monitoring Macroeconomic Imbalances in the European Union - Significance for Croatia

Publication Surveys
Date October 2014
Issue S - 17
Authors Mislav Brkić and Ana Šabić

Results of the Fifth CNB Bank Survey

Publication Surveys
Date November 2008
Issue S - 15
Authors Lana Ivičić, Mirna Dumičić, Ante Burić and Ivan Huljak

Results of the Fourth CNB Bank Survey

Publication Surveys
Date December 2008
Issue S - 16
Authors Tomislav Galac and Lana Dukić

EU Criteria with Special Emphasis on the Economic Convergence Criteria - Where is Croatia?

Publication Surveys
Date July 2005
Issue S - 13
Authors Michael Faulend, Davor Lončarek, Ivana Curavić and Ana Šabić

An Analysis of Housing Finance Models in the Republic of Croatia

Publication Surveys
Date April 2005
Issue S - 12
Author Mladen Mirko Tepuš

Does Croatia Need Risk-Based Deposit Insurance Premia?

Publication Surveys
Date February 2005
Issue S - 10
Author Tomislav Galac
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