Foreign Direct Investments in Croatia - Trends, Structure and Effects

9. 2015.

European Competitiveness in an Open World

3. 2015.

Idiosyncratic Shocks, Economic Governance of the Euro-area and the Role of Member States

10. 2014.

Repairing balance sheets and other challenges - the case of Croatia and other CEE countries

9. 2014.

A Tale of Two Policies: Monetary and Fiscal

10. 2013.

The 3rd European Financial Congress

6. 2013.

Restoring the Lustre of the European Economic Model

6. 2012.

Round table at the HAZU Department of Social Sciences, "Crisis and Economic Policy Frameworks"

7. 2009.

Jacques de Larosiere Lecture: "The Transition Process: It's All About People, Isn't it?”

5. 2000.

The address of the governor of the CNB Marko Škreb to the Croatian State Parliament

4. 2000.
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