How will the Eurosystem change the CNB’s ethics framework?

Published: 29/9/2021

Apart from a comprehensive currency changeover operation and all the subsequent changes in its operations, by joining the Eurosystem the Croatian National Bank will become subject to the Guideline (EU) 2015/855 of the European Central Bank laying down the principles of a Eurosystem Ethics Framework.

In practice, this means that, apart from rules and principles that have already been incorporated in the ethics system of the Croatian National Bank due to its entry to the Single Supervisory Mechanism, joining the Eurosystem will necessitate the introduction of rules that, among other things, lay down additional restrictions on key personal financial transactions of certain categories of employees (primarily concerning foreign exchange transactions, transactions in gold, the trading of euro area government securities). In this way, the CNB’s ethics framework will be further upgraded by additional alignment with ethics frameworks of central banks of the Member States that have adopted the euro, which is a key element of the Eurosystem’s credibility, essential to securing the trust of European citizens.