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Survey and Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in the Republic of Croatia

Publication Surveys
Date November 2004
Issue S - 9
Author Alen Škudar

How Can Croatia's Deposit Insurance System Be Improved?

Publication Surveys
Date February 2005
Issue S - 11
Authors Michael Faulend and Evan Kraft

Bulletin 95

Date July 2004

Privatization, Foreign Bank Entry and Bank Efficiency in Croatia: A Fourier-Flexible Function Stochastic Cost Frontier Analysis

Publication Working Papers
Date November 2002
Issue W - 9
Authors Evan Kraft, Richard Hofler and James Payne

Banks Bulletin 8

Date July 2004

Bulletin 94

Date June 2004

Bulletin 93

Date May 2004

Annual Report for 2003

Date May 2004

Bulletin 92

Date April 2004

Bulletin 91

Date March 2004

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