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Effects of the Adoption of the Euro on Consumer Prices and Inflation Perceptions: An Overview of Experiences and Assessment of the Possible Impact in Croatia

Publication Surveys
Date October 2017
Issue S-27
Author Andreja Pufnik

Bulletin 238

Date November 2017

Macroprudential Diagnostics No. 3

Date October 2017

CNB Transparency and Monetary Policy

Publication Surveys
Date August 2017
Issue S-25
Authors Katja Gattin Turkalj and Igor Ljubaj

Bulletin 237

Date October 2017

Exposure of the Private Non-financial Sector to Interest Rate Risk: Analysis of Results of the Survey on Interest Rate Variability

Publication Surveys
Date October 2017
Issue S-24
Author Mate Rosan

Payment Transactions and Accounts – 2016

Date October 2017

Bulletin 236

Date September 2017

Price Competitiveness of the Manufacturing Sector – a Sector Approach Based on Technological Intensity Level

Publication Surveys
Date February 2017
Issue S-23
Author Enes Đozović

Structure of Capital Flows and Exchange Rate: The Case of Croatia

Publication Working Papers
Date July 2017
Issue W - 052
Author Maja Bukovšak, Gorana Lukinić Čardić, Nina Ranilović

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