What was the timeline and scope of the comprehensive assessment in Croatia?

Published: 3/6/2020

The comprehensive assessment was launched in September 2019 and was concluded with the publishing of the results in June 2020.

In line with the decision of the ECB, the comprehensive assessment includes the following five Croatian banks:

  • Zagrebačka banka,
  • Privredna banka Zagreb,
  • Erste & Steiermarkische Bank,
  • OTP banka Hrvatska, and
  • Hrvatska poštanska banka.

The five banks selected have been chosen in order to ensure a level of coverage that is consistent with Article 6(4) of the SSM Regulation and is broadly comparable with previous comprehensive assessments conducted by the ECB since 2014. Institutions are selected on the basis of their size, risk profile and overall significance for the national economy. This involves taking account of several elements, such as the business model of the institution, its internal governance and risk management, its capital risk, its liquidity and funding risk, and its interconnectedness with the rest of the financial system.

On 5 June 2020 the ECB published the results of the comprehensive assestment of five Croatian banks.