Twinning-light Project of the Croatian National Bank and the Deutsche Bundesbank launched today

Published: 6/4/2011

The ceremony marking the launching of the twinning-light project "Development of an Effective System for Fight against Counterfeiting of Banknotes and Coins in Croatia", financed in the context of EU IPA 2008 Programme, was held today in the European Union Information Centre in Zagreb.

The objective of this project, implemented with the assistance of the Deutsche Bundesbank in cooperation with the Czech National Bank for the benefit of the Croatian National Bank, is to ensure efficient functioning of the system for fight against internationally organized crime activity in the area of counterfeiting of banknotes and coins in the Republic of Croatia in line with the EU standards. The project is aimed at revising and developing a legal framework and methodology in line with the EU standards, further administrative capacity strengthening of the overall system for fight against counterfeiting, and aligning the Application System for Registration of Counterfeits (ASEK) with the Counterfeit Monitoring System (CMS).

The project, with a budget of EUR 230,000 is financed by the European Union and its planned duration is six months.

For further information on this project, please visit the Currency webpage.