Things to watch out for before negotiating savings

Published: 23/4/2018
Get informed about the terms of the form of savings you have chosen

Before negotiating any form of savings, define in as much detail as possible the amount, maturity, dynamics and the goals you wish to achieve. Obtain thorough information on the terms of the form of savings you have chosen. Such information is available in the general operating conditions of credit institutions and general operating conditions associated with a particular product/service and can also be obtained in person from bank or credit institution employees. Make sure you are familiar with all the aspects of negotiation, maintenance, at maturity and early withdrawal of savings. Also, take into account any costs and fees that may arise (entry/exit fee, maintenance fee, early withdrawal fee, etc.) in the process. Such information is available in Tariff of service fees. Sometimes, prior to negotiating a savings plan, it is useful to put down on a piece of paper several scenarios and compare earnings on interest and accompanying costs for each of the scenarios and make a decision based on such a comparison.

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