Start of the 16th Dubrovnik Economic Conference

Published: 23/6/2010

Organised for the 16th time this year by the Croatian National Bank, the Dubrovnik Economic Conference, a prominent international professional meeting, opened today with the presentation of papers by young Croatian economists. The main programme will take place in the following two days and will include, as usual, participation by several tens of renowned scientists from prestigious world universities, representatives of major international financial institutions, central and commercial bankers from several countries and other domestic and foreign financial and economic policy makers.
This year the focus will be on Eastern European economies and their borrowing and lending policies, foreign bank lending to emerging markets and its influence on the spreading of the financial crisis, possible benefits and costs of globalisation in the area of banking supervision, household debt in Croatia and its possible implications on financial stability, the institutional and regulatory impact on investment and growth, and on monetary policy and its relation to financial stability. A discussion will also be held on the challenges posed by the crisis to eurozone countries and related adjustment requirements.