The Lending Policies of Croatian Banks: Results of the Second CNB Bank Interview Project

Published: 22/5/2001
Publication Surveys
Issue S - 3
Authors Evan Kraft with Hrvoje Dolenec, Mladen Duliba, Michael Faulend, Tomislav Galac, Vedran Šošić, and Mladen Mirko Tepuš
Date December 2000
ISSN 1334-014X


Banking; Croatia; Transition; Banking Crises; Lending Policy

Using interviews with 47 of the 53 commercial banks operating in Croatia in early 2000, the project team asked banks asked about their experiences during the 1998-99 banking crisis. Banks commented on their experiences with outflows of deposits, breaking-up of deposits, and changes in management practices adopted to deal with the crisis. In addition, the project repeated and extended a previous survey on bank lending practices. The findings of this survey show that, while banks' written lending procedures have advanced considerably, many of the same problems in assessing risk, foreclosing collateral and finding funding for long-term lending remain.