New commemorative gold and silver coins

Published: 13/2/2008

At its session today, the Croatian National Bank Council reviewed the latest monetary and economic developments. It gave special attention to the factors causing accelerated price movements over the last few months and discussed related forecasts. The Council reaffirmed the central bank's commitment to maintain price and exchange rate stability through already determined monetary policy measures. The upcoming period is expected to show the degree of support to central bank's efforts in the moves undertaken by other economic actors who can contribute to preserving macroeconomic stability.

The application of the Zagorska štedno-kreditna zadruga, the savings and loans co-operative from Zabok, for authorisation to continue its operations as Zagorska štedna banka, a savings bank, was rejected because a review of submitted documents and business books of the applicant established that it has not met the necessary legal requirements. The members of the CNB Council commended the thoroughness of the CNB's expert services in processing this application and recommended that the same principles be applied in the review of all incoming and future applications to enter the banking system.

The Council also endorsed the proposal of Partner banka d.d. Zagreb to appoint Martina Dalić as chairperson and Ante Žigman as member of its management board.

At this session, the CNB Council adopted a decision on the issue of a commemorative gold coin dedicated to Andrija Mohorovičić, a commemorative silver coin dedicated to Benedikt Kotruljević and a silver coin from the series dedicated to old Croatian ships - Dubrovnik Karaka, ''Stari hrvatski brodovi - Dubrovačka Karaka''.