IMF Mission on visit to Croatia

Published: 25/5/2000

An International Monetary Fund Technical Assistance Mission headed by Mr. Warren Coats met on Thursday with the highest officials of the Croatian National Bank headed by the CNB Governor dr. Marko Škreb to review the program of the Mission's activities during its stay in Croatia until June 7, 2000. According to the program, special attention is to be paid to the review of the necessity for changing the regulation governing the operation of the central bank and commercial banks. Institutional relations between the central bank and the Finance Ministry and the interdependence between monetary policy, money market, public debt management and public finances are also to be examined.

In addition, the Mission will engage in detailed analysis of international reserves management, changes in the payment system, all monetary policy instruments, including the domestic and foreign currency reserve requirement, for the purpose of introducing improvements in these areas of central bank activities.