How to obtain all information on current loan supply?

Published: 12/4/2018
The CNB's Information list is one of the tools for obtaining information on loan supply

When it comes to obtaining information on loan supply, one of the information tools available to us is the CNB's Information list. It provides a clear and simple access to information on the representative examples of loan supply offered by credit institutions operating in the market of the Republic of Croatia. Loans may be searched by one of six different types or by all or one of the three types of interest rates (fixed, variable and combined). Provided is information on the maximum loan amount and maturity, effective interest rate, type and level of the variable parameter, credit institution's fixed margin and any fees payable for early loan repayment. Loan supply may also be searched via a free mobile application mHNB. All additional information can also be obtained in a direct contact with credit institutions' employees.

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