Government of the Republic of Croatia adopts National Euro Changeover Plan

Published: 24/12/2020

Following public consultations, at its session held on 23 December 2020, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the National Euro Changeover Plan. Coordination bodies will be in charge of planning, monitoring and coordinating the implementation of all activities envisaged under the National Plan, and the National Council for the Introduction of the Euro as Official Currency in the Republic of Croatia will play the central role.

The National Euro Changeover Plan describes all major operational activities required for the smooth running of the process of changeover from the kuna to the euro and its key elements, such as conversion of prices and other monetary values, conversion of loans and deposits, as well as adjustments of variable interest rates. The plan builds on the Eurostrategy and its main principle is consumer protection – the process must be free of charge for consumers, which means that they must not end up in a less favourable financial position than they would have been in if the euro had not been introduced.

All activities relating to the changeover from the kuna to the euro will be designed and implemented by numerous actors from all segments of the economy, the financial and the government sectors.

National Euro Changeover Plan