First authorisation granted to a savings bank

Published: 9/4/2008

At its session today, the Croatian National Bank Council reviewed the latest economic and monetary developments, adopted monetary policy projection for the second quarter and the central bank's financial statements for 2007, and decided on several applications for authorisation to operate as a savings bank.
Authorisation was granted to A štedna banka malog poduzetništva d.d., Zagreb, whereas Višnja Krišto and Dubravka Filipčić were given approval to be appointed its management board chairperson and member, respectively.
The application of the savings and loan association Noa, Osijek for authorisation to operate as a savings bank under the same name, the application of the savings and loan association Jamstvo, Županja for authorisation to continue operating as Panonska štedna banka, and the application of Štednokred Središnja agrarna štedno-kreditna zadruga, Zagreb, to continue operating as Hrvatska zadružna štedna banka were refused as it was established that they do not meet the legal requirements for savings banks. The application of Obrtnička štedno-kreditna zadruga from Nova Gradiška to transform itself into a savings bank was also refused due to incomplete documentation.
The CNB Council endorsed the proposal of the supervisory board of Banka Kovanica d.d., Varaždin to appoint Darko Kosovec as chairperson of its management board.