Expanded macroeconomic statistics of the CNB

Published: 19/10/2009

The Croatian National Bank issued today its first Financial Accounts Statistics - balance sheets for financial assets and liabilities, with a preliminary calculation for the 2001 - 2008 period, thus expanding the extensive list of statistical indicators already produced by this institution.
The publication of these data represents yet another step further towards central bank compliance with the European Union in the field of national accounts of the general government and the associated financial statistics. In accordance with the obligations assumed in connection with accession negotiations and an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bureau of Statistics, the CNB is also obligated to submit these indicators to the Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat).
Financial Accounts Statistics data - balance sheets for financial assets and liabilities enable an analysis of the value structure of financial assets of individual sectors, changes in the structure and range of financial instruments, the extent and the role of financial intermediation in the national economy as indicators of financial market depth and an analysis of the degree of openness of the national economy to the rest of the world.
These indicators will be published in statistical publications of the Croatian National Bank and posted on the Internet website www.hnb.hr once a year.