Delegation of the European Central Bank visits the CNB

Published: 21/3/2005

A four-member delegation of the European Central Bank, headed by Mrs. Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell, Member of the ECB Executive Board, visited the Croatian National Bank on Monday. The purpose of the visit was to establish and promote cooperation between these two institutions ahead of Croatia's formal signing of the EU accession treaty.
In a meeting with the ECB delegation, Dr. Boris Vujčić, the Deputy Governor, and several other members of the CNB Management, acquainted our guests with the current economic indicators in the country and basic characteristics of the monetary policy pursued by the Croatian central bank and answered a large number of questions raised by the ECB delegation which showed their exceptional interest for current developments and economic outlooks in the country.
The Deputy Governor stressed that the Croatian central bank is already working and will continue to do so, regardless of the dynamics of further formal negotiations, on the implementation of all technical and legislative preconditions for the country's EU accession. The ECB delegation expressed the readiness of the ECB to provide, either directly or through individual members of the European System of Central Banks, all necessary expert or technical assistance to the CNB, as the central bank of a future EU member state, in developing organisational solutions and instruments of monetary policy in accordance with applicable and future European standards.