CNB supports agreement between the Croatian government and banks

Published: 17/8/2011

Through its measures and regulatory rules, the Croatian National Bank supports Annex I to the Memorandum on alleviating the position of users of housing loans denominated in Swiss francs, signed between the Croatian Government and commercial banks on 17 August 2011.

Those credit institutions that decide to adjust their operations to the said Memorandum, i.e. its Annex I, even without formally acceding to it, will be given the same treatment by the Croatian National Bank in terms of its measures and regulatory rules as the banks that have signed the Memorandum, i.e. its Annex I, thereby formally acceding to it.

Having in mind the difficulties which the users of Swiss franc-denominated loans have faced so far, and of which the CNB has warned the public in a timely manner, and, particularly taking into account the measures intended to be taken pursuant to the said agreement between the Croatian Government and commercial banks, the CNB emphasizes once again that it considers further approval of loans pegged to the Swiss franc as inappropriate.

However, irrespective of both the said Annex to the Memorandum and the previously mentioned measures, the CNB is always prepared to and will take all the available regulatory measures, as well as all other measures in accordance with its legal powers that are necessary to preserve adequate stability of the country's financial and, particularly, banking systems.